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Rates of legal services

The charged rate for legal services is agreed upon with the client as an hourly rate, a flat rate, a monthly fixed rate, a percentage of recovery, or as fee per act of legal service.

Hourly rate: For each case the hourly rate is based on the complexity and demands of the given case. The basic hourly rate starts at 2.300,-CZK (excluding VAT).

Flat rate: Often a reliable estimate of legal services is possible and payment is agreed as a single fixed amount. This is common for drafting or editing of contracts and for single consultations.

Monthly fixed rate: For businesses and entrepreneurs, the rate is agreed upon as a fixed recurring payment with a monthly allocation of legal services.

Percentage of Recovery: A lower hourly rate can be agreed upon in a percentage on the result of a proceeding.

Fee per act of legal service: According to regulation no. 177/1996 Coll., Advocates´ tariff.

Conditions of provision of legal services

The client is asked for a deposit for the provision of legal services and the advocate commences with the provision of legal services after the deposit is paid, in cash at the office, or by bank transfer to the account of the advocate.

Apart from the fee previously stated, the advocate also has right to travel expenses, payment for the time spent in connection with the provision of legal services and reimbursement for cash expenses.

The client always receives an itemized invoice from the advocate with the description of legal services provided together with the duration of the time spent on each task.

Legal services should be understood as including: consultation, legal analysis, drafting of documents, legal representation in a proceeding and defense in criminal matters.

In case a consultation or analysis is provided via telephone or email, it is still considered as paid legal service, unless agreed otherwise between the advocate and the client.

Before the commencement of the provision of legal services the advocate and the client conclude an Agreement on the provision of legal services.

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